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Large wall art in Atlanta, GA created by Zoe Antona
  • Alter Altar, 2022
  • 1 of 1 original painting
  • 48 x 48 x 8 inches
  • Mixed media on premium canvas with Plexiglass
  • Ready to hang

In permanent collection

  • On display at Gallery Anderson Smith along with VOID

  • On display at Gallery Anderson Smith

Alter Altar

Alter/ Altar is a 48"x48" deconstructed canvas that exemplifies the relationship that Zoe has with her Heritage amongst other narratives surrounding her identity. Through the use of graphic imagery she explores nostalgic memories she has from her childhood in contrast to the somber nature of death. 

The black imagery of the cigar holding hand, skull, and palm leaves is reflective of Zoe's Hispanic upbringing and relationship she has with her grandfather. Through color, scale, and written word she exemplifies the concepts of heritage and hardship.  The sku number, the use of written word, and hint of a crucifixion is a rejection of man made constructs such as suffocating governmental and religious ideas. The use of yellow, green, and orange is also a testament of her own mixed heritage. 

Every body of work that Zoe creates essentially is a conversation between two people. As well as an exploration of her identity within that narrative and how that is expressed into the physical.