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  • Bleeding King Who's Your Rose?, 2023
  • 1 of 1 original painting
  • 48 x 48 x 8 inches
  • Mixed media on premium canvas with Plexiglass
  • Ready to hang

Coming to New York soon!

"Bleeding King Who's Your Rose"

"Who's Your Rose" is the second piece that Zoe has crafted that is graphic and addresses a more explicit narrative and is a powerful statement on love lost. Through the use of industrial materials, repurposed materials, and graphic elements that she normally doesn't use, Zoe has managed to create a piece of art that speaks to the heart of those who have experienced love lost. The artwork conveys a sense of sadness and longing, while also offering hope for those who are still searching for their rose. By combining these elements together, "Who's Your Rose" is a piece that is both visually confusing in composition and emotionally open to interpretation. 

Zoe has experienced loss on a variety of levels and challenges the viewer to contemplate what loss is whither it is living or not.