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Large Wall sculpture for sale in Atlanta Georgia. Black Wall art with built in light.

  • VOID, 2022
  • 1 of 1 original painting
  • 48 x 48 x 8 inches
  • Mixed media on panel with plexiglass
  • Ready to hang
  • VOID alongside Dark Divine in Gallery Anderson Smith in Atlanta, GA


"VOID" by Zoe Antona is a statement to the idea of finding purpose after loss. By combining industrial materials and light elements, Zoe creates an immersive experience that takes the viewer on a journey of self-reflection by guiding the eye over each crease of the work.

The artwork consists of manipulated industrial materials such as plexiglass and wood coated in both a gloss and matte black finish. These materials are illuminated by light elements to create an ethereal atmosphere. VOID encourages the viewer to project their own meaning onto it as a type of enlightenment as well. Though Zoe's purpose of this piece is to capture the emptiness and aimlessness of losing someone who is still living. The artwork speaks to the challenge of finding purpose after such a loss, while also expressing hope for a brighter future. 

"VOID" serves as a reminder that life can be beautiful even in the darkest times. It speaks to the need to find purpose after loss and encourages the viewer to look for beauty in even the most difficult circumstances.