Zoe Antona is an interdisciplinary artist, whose work addresses self discovery through abstraction and scale. She is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia in the US and runs her first store front studio space Lacuna in Buckhead. Has exhibited across the East Coast of the United States and as far as Europe to Asia. 

Zoe Antona exhibits work in Buckhead Art and Co Gallery

Her work explores the profound interplay between self and others. Using Abstract Expressionism as her outlet to depict how intimacy impacts not only the emotional state but also the physical state. By seamlessly blending unconventional materials, Zoe underscores the unity of individuals through the continuous 'voids' or 'lacunas' included in her work and challenges traditional artistic norms. Through intricate compositions, Zoe delves into the emotional and physical dimensions of intimacy, capturing the weight and dynamics inherent in relationships. The work also aims to evoke a visual and emotional reaction through the aesthetics and installation of each piece. Furthering the intimate experience, each piece is always accompanied by a hidden hand written note meant only for collectors eyes to extend the meaning and intent of the work. Zoe's work extends a personal connection to its audience, serving as her unique expression of love and connection.


Exhibition History:

2024 - Group Exhibition, NoName Gallery, "Blank Spaces,” Philadelphia, PA. USA.

2024 - Group Exhibition, Memento, “Hysteria,” Atlanta, GA. USA.


2023 - SOLO Exhibition, Buckhead Elevate Experience, “Filling the VOID,” Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - Group Exhibition, Buckhead Art and Company, “Fleurs en Juillet,” Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - Group Exhibition, Koncept House, “I Can Do That,” Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - Group Exhibition, Koncept House, “A Woman's Worth,” Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - Group Exhibition, Anderson Smith Gallery, “Artistry,” Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - Group Exhibition, Peter Street Station, "Back to Life," Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - Group Exhibition, Cat Eye Creative, “Fresh Start,” Atlanta, GA. USA.


2022 - Group Exhibition, Hidden Gallery 333, “Rebirth,” Atlanta, GA. USA.

2022 - Group Exhibition, Cat Eye Creative, “Coming Together,” Atlanta, GA. USA.


2021 - Group Exhibition, NCOA, “Age+ Action Photography Artist Showcase,” Online. USA.

2021 - Group Exhibition, The Newark Museum of Art, “ReVision,” Newark, NJ. USA.


2019 - Group Exhibition, Waiting Room Gallery, “Sonnet,” Cincinnati, OH. USA. 

2017 - Group Exhibition, Roswell Visual Art Center, “HS Arts Exhibition,” Roswell, GA. USA. 

International Exhibition History:

2022 - Group Exhibition, CICA Museum, “The 8th International Exhibition on New Media,” Gimpo, South Korea

2021 - Group Exhibition, LoosenArt Collection Gallery, “The Dreamer,” Rome City, Italy.


2023 - Gallery Residential Buckhead, Atlanta, GA. USA.

Live Paintings:

2024 - Memento hosted by Collabaret, Atlanta, GA. USA.

2023 - MINT, Atlanta, GA. USA.

Publications, Auctions, and Media: 

"Copper Solis (2)". Donated to Gabrielle's Angel Foundation's Annual Midsummer Angel Gala. June 2023. CharityBuzz.com and The Ned NYC.

"Life & Work with Zoe Antona" Voyage Atlanta Magazine. May 2023. Online Article.

“A Woman’s Worth” Secret Atlanta. March 2023. Online Article.

“The Dreamer” LoosenArt Magazine. April 2021. Online addition. 

“The New Artist” Boomer Magazine. March 2021. Page 16.

“Beyond the Next Door” Sink Hollow.​Volume 9, May 2020. Cover and Pages 55-56.