Zoe's work in collections:

Zoe Antona, a newcomer to the Atlanta art scene. Within the last year her work has been making waves with her unique approach to traditional art practices and crossing them to create her compositions. Her non conventual work has its way into the collections of art enthusiasts and collectors in the city as her practice continues to rapidly grow. 

Antona’s artistic journey began in her youth as an outlet to express her emotions and thoughts in a physical way versus vocalizing it which allowed her to express herself in a raw and unfiltered way. Her pieces are vibrant, bold, and evoke a sense of movement and energy. 

Antona’s artwork caught the eye of several local galleries and collectors, and she quickly is finding herself expanding her practice quickly. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across the city, and she has been featured in several publications. Her paintings have also been purchased by art collectors who recognize her talent and potential.

What sets Antona apart from other artists is her ability to connect with her audience through the abstract nature of her art. Her paintings are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also have a deeper meaning and messages that aim to resonate with her viewer. Antona believes that art should be accessible to everyone and should inspire conversations and connections. 

As a newcomer to the Atlanta art scene, Antona’s success is a testament to the city’s vibrant and supportive art community. She has been welcomed with open arms, and plans to only grow with the creative family she is becoming a part of. She is beyond grateful to have her works displayed and will continue to expand her work to connect further. 

Alter Altar


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Who's Your Rose

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