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  • Cube, 2022- present
  • each 1 of 1 original of small series
  • 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Steel, Plexiglass, and Acrylic



Thinking of the complexities of what science encompasses the Cube is the juxtaposition of social and natural sciences. Through the execution of contrasting materials and form. Social and natural sciences are seemingly opposite, for this series the Cube addresses the ideas surrounding identity in a man-made construct of society. The steel frame made from natural elements of steel and the plastic man made material molded in a naturalistic way. The contrast of the natural form and rigid edges is also meant to exemplify the ways in which, as a society, humans conform to man-made constructs. Furthermore, the idea that the human body is made from cells to form the flesh body and take on an identity ultimately feeds into man made constructs of what identity is. Questioning which is more important the cells that make up the body or the identity that makes the body what it is. A means of confinement.